River fishing in the waters in Sabah can be either a session from a secluded riverbank or jetty, or maybe an excursion on a small vessel for a little bit of light trolling.


Species vary from large catfish to Jelawat, the ever-present Tilapia, Patin, Lampan Jawa and various other smaller species in the upper reaches.


Down around the river mouths, anything from Mangrove Jack and Estuary Cod to Blue Catfish and Archer Fish may be hooked. Prawn fishing is also a novel experience.


Some days may not be as productive as others, but this kind of fishing is laidback, easy on the pocket and worth a few hours of any angler’s time.


8kg Patin

2.5kg African Catfish

5.5kg Patin


Pond fishing presents a wide variety of locations offering different species the most common being Tilapia, Africa Keli (Catfish) and Patin (a smaller version of a Mekong Catfish).


Some ponds stock a wider selection such as Mud Carp, Grass Carp, Ornamental Carps, Giant Goramy, Lampan Jawa & Jelawat but these are in a minority.


Naturally occurring fish such as the Climbing Perch may also be encountered interesting in the fact that they are a perch species that has evolved the ability to walk on their gill covers as their watery habitat dries out. You should also flick out fake frogs for the local Haruan (Snakehead) which resides in particularly still and weed infested locales.


Again, this is a great way to while away an afternoon as pond fishing tends to come to a peak just before dusk.


Nice brace of Green Jobfish