How many times have you as an angler thought to yourself that fishing could be so much more fun and interesting if you just knew someone who knows the local scene!?


A 14kg Ruby Snapper


Well, you're in luck! I'm Martin Wiles, local expat fishing guide to Kota Kinabalu's ample fishing opportunities and Sabah's amazing angling exploits! I also do personal birdwatching and nature tours, but let's focus on the fish first!


A 15kg Dorado


If you're making Malaysian Borneo your next travel destination, your best bet is to tell me what you want to do and for how long and I can be on hand to give you the best advice and even personally show you the way! That's because I've been fishing in and around Sabah for almost a decade now and can assure you that Bornean waters are a joy to fish whether it's just wetting a line in a local pond catching freshwater fish, or reeling in the big ones from 900 ft deep at the Spratly Islands off the coast of North West Borneo !


Here's a bit about me:


A 15kg Giant Trevally


Martin Wiles, born 1964 in Surrey , England


British citizen, Malaysian resident


Fished in UK , Canada , America , Argentina , Australia , Egypt , Portugal , Spain and of course Malaysia to name a few.


Joined various competitions including Sabah International Fishing Tournament and Labuan IGFA International Fishing Tournament.


A SIFT Tournament





A 15kg Shovelnose Ray

A 15kg Wahoo

A 21kg Giant Grouper

A 50kg Oilfish or Escolar























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